Handango To Sell Mobile Apps, Content At Carphone Warehouse

The Carphone Warehouse in is to begin selling mobile apps and content from Handango’s catalog in its European stores. It’s a rather unique move – though there is a wealth of online downloads out there, many customers never both to add to the applications there handset came preloaded with when they left the store. The pair will start by selling a number of BlackBerry Pearl apps through CPW’s UK stores, including games, ringtones, IM apps and email viewers.

Handango said it wanted to “bring products that were formerly thought of as ‘aftermarket’ within the walls of a retail establishment”. It would be quite a shift if CPW can sell extra apps to new customers at the point of sale, though this would seem to require some new training for in-store sales staff. It’s not clear whether the apps will get shelf space or will be offered verbally etc.