UK Bits: PCC Complaints; Ex-AOLers Back Start-Up; Broadband Speeds; Fathom Acquired

PCC web complaints: You know you’re having an influence when people start to complain about you – and more readers are now complaining about online newspaper articles than print equivalents, the Press Complaints Commission says. There’s now a 56/44 percent split. But, perhaps indicating the slow take-up of online news video, the PCC is only getting a “handful” of complaints about AV, for which it was given oversight last year. Via HTFP.

Ex-AOLers back start-up: Ex AOL (NYSE: TWX) Europe president Karen Thomson (NYSE: TOC) and former AOL UK comms head Emma Parlons are amongst six investors in an upcoming web index of fitness trainers, beauticians and other health freelancers, says Founded by consumer good manager Natasha Dwyer, has an all-female team and counts Parlons as marketing director.

Broadband speeds: 52 percent of online Brits use between 512Kbps and 2Mbps (speeds that barely qualify as broadband), Nielsen Online says. A third are on between 2Mbps and 8Mbps, while only three percent get over 8Mbps – “superfast” speeds are “an unrealistic pipe dream”, Nielsen says. It’s in content companies’ interest those pipes get fatter – users who have the faster connections spend over three hours per month online more than others.

Fathom acquired: Tech strategy consultancy Fathom Partners is getting bought by larger innovation consultants WhatIf. Fathom does business planning for clients in media, telco, technology and government; London-based WhatIf does structural planning, training etc for clients including BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) and PepsiCo. Fathom will become What If! Digital. Release.