Mobile Content Bits: 3 UK Adds Fun Text; AOL And on iPhone; Egyptian Ads;

3UK/Fun Text: 3 UK is adding Fun Text – a cutesy picture messaging service – to its Planet 3 mobile web portal. Cambridge-based Fun Text – which routes basic graphics and videos from a “premium” catalogue over MMS, has had the portal carry its WAP-based service since December, but 3 UK is the first carrier to link to its new client app, which supports Nokia (NYSE: NOK) N95, N73, E65 and 6120 handsets.

AOL (NYSE: TWX) iPhone search: AOL said today it has just launched a version of AOL Mobile Search specifically for the iPhone. Both iPhone and iPod Touch users can access the beta version of the search site by going to on their device. Of course, people with other phones will be able to access the same URL, but it will render differently for them. iPhone users will be able to touch the screen to click on a map or to call a business listing. Other users will have to scroll down and click. For iPhones: said it has also launched a special version of its site for iPhone and iPod touch users. With the help of Crisp Wireless, Time will offer iPhone users access to exclusive content, such as the 24/7 political tipsheet