UK Bits: BBC Mulls OpenID; Does ABCe

BBC mulls OpenID: The BBC is announcing support for OpenID. Sort of. The broadcaster said it had joined the OpenID Foundation, leading the decentralised identity system that allows users to sign into multiple sites with a single identifier. But it’s “wary that 99.99 percent of internet users are completely unaware” of the mechanism. So it’s refraining from implementing OpenID logins on areas like BBC Blogs, which just upgraded to Movable Type 4, nor is it even promising such a move before “making absolutely sure that this is right for users”. ABCe: Trinity Mirror (LSE: TNI) will finally, reluctantly submit its awkward flagship national site to monthly ABCe audits, becoming the sixth to do so. Thursday’s ABCe figures will include traffic for its Mirror Group Newspapers sites. Digital head Paul Hood: “While we of course agree that unique users and geography are key metrics, page impressions, in our view, are not a meaningful measure of engagement as they are extensively manipulated by some sites.” Via Guardian.