Distributing In-House Video Via CBS Audience Network

Finally, some more video announcements from The social music site has gone live with an addition to – a collection of video interviews with artists including Moby, Santogold and Spoon. The interesting parts…

— Videos are made in-house by, rather than by CBS (NYSE: CBS), the big TV company that now owns it, so it sees moving in to original video production.
— They will be distributed to dozens of other sites via the CBS Audience Network, which include sites from AOL (NYSE: AOL) to Veoh. This means CBS gets to monetise more content, selling ads against it through the network.

It’s a very idea to syndicate the videos far and wide – it already claims as many users via third-party off-site widgets as it does users of its site proper. had acted as an aggregator for gigs and such staged by the site for several months – the video interviews are the only addition.’s aim to showcase all the world’s music videos last year was scaled back by merely pulling in YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) videos, and the aim of scrobbling videos and TV, as well as music, is still not yet live. I can’t seem to embed the interview with Gruff Rhys