Broadband Content Bits: iTunes Movies, Reboot, Music Kiosks

iTunes: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) will launch its iTunes Movie Rentals service in the UK some time soon but nobody knows when. That’s the gist of this Times Online report, which adds little to Steve Jobs’ January launch of the service, which was due to hit outside the US “later this year”. Times does reckon first studios to contribute titles will be Disney (NYSE: DIS), Paramount, WB and 20th Century Fox – ie. the majors, so no surprise there. EU territorial licensing still proving a delay to roll-out. Disney relaunched its website in France yesterday, bringing it up to date with the reboots given in the US and UK last year, adding more community and video. Next for the refresh – Italy, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, Turkey, Holland, Poland, India. But it’s pulling its pay-TV Disney Channel in Spain, instead taking it ad-supported on to digital terrestrial, Reporter says.

Kiosks: For travellers who just can’t bare to be without the absolute latest tunes on the go, Medianywhere has installed 24 music download kiosks in the departure lounge of Rome’s Fiumicino airport, containing DRM-free repertoire from EMI. The kiosk will transfer to MP3 players, mobiles, USB sticks etc. Hard to conceive that this won’t be overtaken by over-the-air downloads in future, however.