On The Continent: ForMyBand Launch, OpenBravo Funding

ForMyBand: With Sellaband and Slicethepie pitching at the fun-funded unsigned music game in English, a German startup, Berlin-based ForMyBand, is trying the same thing over there. The new site operates pretty much like its forebears – users get the opportunity to “invest” in bands for a slice of any profit that might, hopefully, one day appear should the act get signed and sell a record. (Via DeutscheStartups).

OpenBravo: OpenBravo, a web-based open source provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point-of-Sale (PoS) services, has bagged a $12 million second round of funding. The Pamplona, Spain, company’s offering gives SMEs a glimpse at their inventory, order tracking and more. Via AC Euro.