Broadband Content Bits: Tesco Digital Launches, Custom iPlayer, Met Office

Tesco: April reports said the supermarket behemoth would up its music and entertainment download commitment with a new site, Today’s launch is actually for, a visually attractive download store for music, games and (“coming soon” TV and film. A 3.7 million-strong music catalogue comes with WMA and MP3 files, including 2.4 million DRM-free tracks. It’s powered by New York-based MediaNet.

iPlayer: The BBC hopes to bring personalisation to its VOD service. Digital media tech head Anthony Rose said it was testing tracking viewers’ viewing habits to serve up recommended programmes. Also, the BBC will drop RealPlayer streaming to integrate live radio better with iPlayer in the next few weeks. Via Techradar.

Met Office: The Met Office is supposedly gearing up to produce more video content for web and mobile internet, by opening a new production studio. The agency will get to stream BBC-style 3D forecast flythrough videos to 3G mobile handsets. reports it will produce more video generally for TV, online and mobile clients.