Round-Up: Music Trade News, Joost Japan, Aka-Aki Funding

Music Trade News: ToyNews and publisher Intent Media has bought Music Trade News from from publisher MB Media, and will merge it with its own Musical Instruments Professional (MI-Pro) mag and website, Mobile-Ent .biz reports.

Joost Japan: The P2P TV platform has done a deal to take content from Japan’s NHK public broadcaster, as it continues looking overseas for programming. The network will give Joost its Newsline and Image-Nation shows from later this summer.

Aka-Aki: German mobile social network Aka-Aki, which uses Bluetooth to do location-aware proximity networking, has raised a small investment of an undisclosed size from Crea Thor Ventures. The service started as a Berlin university diploma project but will, from August 15, have staff working full-time from an office in the city, Deutsche Startups says. This pretty mad explainer video is slightly confused but gets to the point in the end…