Viacom-YouTube: User Logs Will Be Anonymized

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is claiming a minor victory in the ongoing copyright case – though Viacom (NYSE: VIA) last week won in its request for all YouTube’s user logs, it has now agreed that YouTube can anonymize these. When handing over the data, YouTube will get to replace user ID, IP address and visitor ID fields with alternative info – a system both sides must agree upon “promptly”. Whilst this covers YouTube users, though, it does not necessarily extend to its staff – the judge ordered them to meet within 14 days to work that one out. The court document is after the jump, for those who are interested. YouTube, draping itself in user-privacy robes, said it also succeeded in withholding users’ private videos, though this isn’t apparent from the ruling. Previously, the judge said Google did not have to give Viacom its fundamental algorithms, but Viacom will enjoy poring over the logs to try to find out how the site’s copyright filtering works.

Summary of the provisions after the jump