Icomera Buys Moovera For WiFi On Trains, Ferries And Automobiles

Stockholm-based Icomera, which fits WiFi internet access on trains, is buying UK mobile networks company Moovera, which also does WiFi for public transport, for an undisclosed amount in a deal it says makes it the foremost provider in the sector. Icomera has already done the WiFi fit-outs for UK train operator GNER, which gives first-class passengers free access, and Swedish operator SJ, which wants to give its passengers wire-free rich media. Moovera enabled the UK’s National Express and Stagecoach coach operators and its wireless boxes can also do general outdoor internet access, ie. for surveillance cameras. Icomera will adopt Moovera’s MoovBox router brand across its product range and will use Moovera’s Kent HQ as its UK office. One of the last refuges away from wireless internet, data aboard mass transit could explode over the next few years – but the ubiquitous telco networks, if they can keep increasing their speeds, could do the job better than a complex WiFi roll-out. Release.