Print Publishing Jobs In Choppy Waters

Johnston Press: The regional publisher is closing recruitment site JobsToday’s London sales office after deciding to focus on local advertising rather than job agencies. It places eight jobs at risk and Johnston is also expected to shed administrative staff at its Scottish titles this week, said.

Press Gazette: Following recent speculation (via HTFP and Indie) that it might split the title in to a web-only news organ and monthly print feature sheet, reports the troubled trade mag has entered a consultation period with staff that might lead to cuts from its 12 staff. Wilmington bought the title in December ’06, weeks after it closed down, but Wilmington itself is now talking with HgCapital about a takeover of the group. It usually works the other way around, but now, following recent job reductions, a senior newspaper writer is joining a blog. Telegraph’s Three Line Whip columnist Jonathan Isaby is leaving to join ConservativeHome, one of the independent and unofficial blogs that has done such a good job of rallying the Tory party in the last couple of years. Via