Bright Station Launching Site For Entrepreneurs

It takes a brave woman to launch a site aimed at entrepreneurs on the cusp of a recession. But that’s what VC house Bright Station Venture’s Shaa Wasmund is doing with Smarta, a site aimed at giving information and advice to budding startup mongers.

Bright Station’s first investment was in the media space, $4.5 million to blog publisher Shiny Media last year, and it’s now tapped former H Bauer magazines sales director Jason Trout to be Smarta’s CEO, MediaWeek says.

Wasmund got in to business by being asked to promote a Chris Eubank fight, then founded teen girl site MyKindaPlace before it sold to BSkyB (NYSE: BSY). But the worsening economy is cutting Smarta’s potential audience – startup creation is down by a quarter on last year, Companies House says. Still, Bright Station has a considerable $100 million fund behind it.