Carsonified Sells Dropsend Web App To Boost Its Coffers

imageThis passed almost everyone by, so we’ll play catch-up today along with TCUK… Ryan Carson’s Bath-based Carsonified web agency has sold Dropsend, its premium web app for sending large files across the internet, to Webminds, a Florida-based computer repair checker. Carson, who also organises events like Future of Web Apps, is keeping the acquisition price private (Butch estimates “in the low six figures”), whilst conceding to be “very happy about the whole situation”: “DropSend really needed a new home, a company that had the time to look after it properly.”

Carson added: “The best thing about DropSend is that it was bringing in a large amount of revenue every month. It was bringing revenue in from day one.” We decided to sell because we could get a large infusion of cash into Carsonified right away, instead of having to wait for that revenue to come in over a period of time.” DropSend has a free option plus monthly plans of $5 to $99.