Broadband Content Bits: MoMedia/Go!View, Disney/MSN, Myvideorights/YouTube, KamikazeCookery, Warner

MSN/Disney: Stage 9, the Disney-ABC-ESPN (NYSE: DIS) web production house, has done its first Europe-specific syndication deal. MSN Video will carry its Squeegees and Voicemail shows on its UK portal from today and in France, Germany, Spain and Sweden later, BrandRepublic says.

Myvideorights: Ashley Mackenzie’s new outfit, which aims to sell TV and video rights to new-wave internet distributors on producers’ behalf, has now added the ability to add those videos to YouTube – a crucial step, given the site’s share of web video views. Myvideorights‘ Videx platform taps YouTube’s API to upload producers’ videos to the site – supposedly eliminating the upload burden for clients, but taking a cut of any ad revenue.

Kamikaze Cookery: Hugh Hancock, the internet video pioneer behind and Strange Company, has unveiled a web video cooking series for geeks. Billed as “three geeks cook, with science, and explosions”, Kamikaze Cookery is a cross between Will It Blend?, Brainiac and Delia Smith – a free weekly video series on “molecular gastronomy” released under Creative Commons. Also on YouTube.

On Demand Deutschland: ODD, the JV between On Demand Group (ODG) and Tele München Gruppe (TMG) have signed a licensing agreement for a new monthly subscription VOD service featuring movies and TV programmes from Warner Bros International. The service will be available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and follows similar VOD deals with Warners and telecoms firms around Europe and Asia such as agreements with Tiscali, Virgin and BT (NYSE: BT) in the UK.