Google Pulled $776 Million From UK In Q3 – Small Quarterly Increase, Perhaps

Depending which currency you use, that is. Google (NSDQ: GOOG) reported $776 million (£449 million) UK earnings over July to September. That’s up 0.25 percent from Q2, which itself was a surprising sign of an ad downturn of a similar size from the Google monster.

It’s somewhat confusing, though… Google states earnings in dollars; do the conversion, which is subject to currency market fluctuation, and you’ll see a 15.25 percent increase from Q2 (£387.83 million at the time) to Q3 (£449 million in today’s money) – or, all at today’s currency rates, an ever so marginal increase. All of which is probably academic as Google has had to convert from pounds in the first place.

Anyway, UK income now makes up 14 percent of Google’s $5.54 billion Q3 earnings (which you’ll find in full on That’s down from Q2’s 16 percent so UK’s share dipped again. In total, Google got 51 percent of sales from outside the US, down one percent from the previous three months.