Queen At Google: Uploading Skateboarding Corgi Vid To YouTube?

Who’s this trying to work a mouse with YouTube CEO Chad Hurley? Why it’s Her Maj, on a press op Thursday afternoon at Google’s London HQ, which is on, well, Buckingham Palace Road. The monarch chatted with EMEA president Nikesh Arora, then met ER II met Mr Hurley, who just flew up after yesterday’s blatant pitch to TV execs in Cannes.

In an equally blatant move designed to win headlines in tomorrow’s papers, she “personally uploaded” a video to YouTube. One hasn’t seen PR like that since it was revealed the 82-year-old uses an iPod. If you hoped the Queen’s video might show her singing in to a hairbrush or dissing her haterz, well, no, the clip was archive footage of a 1968 reception for British Olympians.