Morningstar Biz News Site Buying Tenfore For Stock Quotes Feeds

US investment research and news publisher Morningstar is buying buying another UK company – real-time market data provider Tenfore Systems – for £13.5 million in cash. Tenfore, which employs 50 in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and New York, pushes data on equities, commodities, derivatives and currency markets to over 500 clients’ terminals, along with third-aprty plugins. Morningstar CEO Joe Mansueto said global real-time stock-quote provision is a new area for his firm. Morningstar already owns stock info site Hemscott, though its stock quotes, at least on the free service, are delayed by 15 minutes. The Tenfore name will be rebranded under the Morningstar umbrella – itself an ironic moniker, since Britain’s other Morning Star is a communist newspaper. Release.