eBay Start-Up Auctions Are Here Again; Blogs, Services, Games Hope To Sell Through Auction

Once upon a time, after what optimistic folk call “the first bubble”, some entrepreneurs, realising their web startups would never amount to much, eschewed the traditional sell-off path (hire a banker for a search, endure due-diligence, negotiate a price) and chose a different exit route – eBay (NSDQ: EBAY). Well those days may be here again…

Amigo: On Tuesday, Bath-based web firm Carsonified’s founder Ryan Carson will put his email newsletter service Amigo on the auction site, with a $25,000 starting price, after admitting he “failed pretty badly” to maintain the site in his free time.

Basic Thinking: Now Robert Basic, author of popular German blog BasicThinking, has put the six-year-old site up for auction. Basic claims to have made