Industry Moves: Ex MySpace UK MD Fischer Running Film Site Jaman

imageFox Interactive Media’s first UK and Europe MD David Fischer, who left after a year in the job in April 2007, is back, this time leading UK ops for movie ratings site Jaman as it opens on these shores. Siilcon Valley-based Jaman offers streaming and download films for free and rental plus reviews and ratings features, specialising in independent flicks, Fischer tells Reuters – the same segment being targeted by Babelgum, Dailymotion, Filmklik and even the Raindance festival itself. But Jaman’s got an exclusive distribution deal on the new Michael Douglas movie Trumbo for a six-week window. Fischer launched MySpace on this side of the Atlantic after joining in June 2006, before handing over to Travis Katz. He was prevously an MD for Sony/Universal music service Pressplay and VP for AOL (NYSE: TWX) Europe.