MagicStudio Gets £750k For Social Education Platform

MagicStudio, a social education platform operated by Lexara, has scored £750,000 in venture funding from new fund Andromeda Capital and SEGF, which already stumped up £250,000 last March, to ramp up its sales efforts to local authorities. The system includes a ilbrary of slideshows, maps, interactive illustrations and other assets, all linked together using that staple of the Web 2.0 world – tags. So far, the standout content provider is English Heritage and the standout client is the Nottinghamshire local authority. Things could get tough – MagicStudio is hardly the only one pitching interactive learning resources, tags may not be the best way to string together an education, there are only so many local authorities (most of which face dwindling budgets) and other providers like Pearson (NYSE: PSO) or, let’s say, Encyclopedia Brittanica, offer a wealth more content.