Eight In 10 UK Classifieds Will Be Online By 2020: Forecast

In recent months, we’ve seen forecast after gloomy forecast for the advertising business, so it takes a brave soul to buck that trend. That soul is the Advertising Association, which, after gazing deep in to its crystal ball, reckons UK ad spend could grow by anything between 28 percent and 52 percent… by 2020, that is.

The association admits this scenario is “after the current downturn”, which it, like others, expects to end next year. With such a long lead-in time, a large chunk of that growth frankly be taken by inflation. Anyway, the key findings are…

— Fourteen percent of display ad spend will be online by 2020, or seven percent by 2010 – up from six percent last year.
Classifieds will be 80 percent online by 2020 – up from 50 percent last year.
— Recruitment classifieds spend will be 58 percent online by 2020, or 31 percent by 2010 – up from 25 percent last year.

All this assumes the UK economy growing 2.4 percent every year from 2013, following the recovery – almost as fast as it grew between 2000 and 2007. Release.