BBC News UGC Chief Taylor Plans More Video At C4 Helm

imageHer departure was rather quiet after such a long service – BBC interactivity editor Vicky Taylor left the corporation after 23 years in November to become new media commissioning editor for Channel 4’s news and current affairs. Taylor joined the Beeb as a junior politics news producer in 1986, before coordinating the Talking Point reader input undertaking for its 2001 general election coverage. Later that year, she became interactivity editor – a role that, responding to the user-generated news revolution through stories like the 7/7 bombings, added a UGC hub to the BBC’s newsroom.

Today, she explained on her blog she is making video a more central feature of Channel 4 News’s website: “Over the next few months, expect to see more developments, specifically around foreign coverage and around holding those who have power to account, building on the existing Freedom Files and FactCheck and making more of the news show