Wired.co.uk Goes Live Ahead Of April 2 Mag Relaunch

imageConde Nast has gone live with a soft-launched Wired.co.uk site, ahead of next week’s UK magazine relaunch – 12 years after the title first left these shores. The publisher will ready a big online marketing campaign across sites including its own GQ and Vogue, NMA says.

Jewish Chronicle editor David Rowan is editing the UK magazine with Ben Hammersley an associate ed and, as we revealed in October, former ZDNet editor Michael Parsons heads up the online operation. An Italian edition debuted in February and the UK print mag hits on April 2. Parsons also plans Chinese and French online launches from London, we were told by CondeNet international president Stefano Maruzzi, who has since left the company.

Formed initially as a Guardian JV with the then-independent Wired Ventures in 1995, the story of the then nascent digital culture chronicle