Report: Web Ads Growth Halved In ’08, Took A Fifth Of UK Ad Spend

UK online ad spend grew 17.1 percent (£540 million) through 2008 to £3.35 billion, while overall spend across media shrank 3.5 percent to £17.5 billion, the Internet Advertising Bureau says.

But that online growth has half of 38 percent posted in 2007. That’s consistent with this week’s Association of Online Publishers census, in which publishers said they expect 2009 online sales growth to be half of last year’s.

The IAB report says online now makes up 19.2 percent of all UK advertising, up from 15.5 percent the year before, and peaked at 19.8 percent during the July-December period in which the economy really began to head south. IAB UK CEO Guy Phillipson said “accountability is online advertising