Mobile Content Bits: Flirtomatic/Miss World, AQA Payments, Nokia Mobile TV Unit, Mfuse-Probability

Flirtomatic: Well, at least we know what kind of site the web and mobile “flirting” network is now. Flirtomatic has just closed a month-long contest to find the next Miss Great Britain by taking over 3,000 submissions from ladies around the UK. The service is a sponsor for the annual event and took over 100,000 ratings for pictures submitted by contestants. Still, the girls’ entries were just 30 percent of the site’s submissions – the rest were from males hoping to be judges.

AQA: TheSMS-based search service AQA 63336 has launched a commercial microblogging service that allows users to make money off of the texts that are received by their followers – that is, if your followers are willing to pay for the messages that they receive from you. The memorably named AQA2U will send the texts out to followers using premium text, with publishers getting a