PRS’ Online Payouts Grew 81 Percent In ’08, Ringtones In Decline

imageSongwriters, composers and music publishers got 81 percent more royalties from online plays in 2008 than the year before. PRS For Music’s 2008 financial results show payouts from uses of material by digital services grew from £9.7 million to £17.6 million.

But payouts from mobile ringtone sales fell 11 percent from £6.4 million to £5.7 million, reflecting sliding sales.

While online payouts are growing, the majority of earnings from broadcast and online sources are still given from TV (58 percent), followed by radio (28.7), online (9.7 percent) and ringtones (three percent). We’ll be watching PRS’ 2009 income for whether the lack of YouTube payments makes a dent.

Combined, broadcast and online payments grew 16 percent, to £180.2 million, but payouts from sales of recorded music fell seven percent to £141.6 million. In total, PRS’ annual payout was eight percent greater at £608.2 million – 90 percent of its members got less than £5,000 each.

(Photo of Elbow’s Guy Garvey: adjustafresh, some rights reserved)