Mobile Content Bits: Kama Sutra Banned, Scoot iPhone, ITV Site

Kama Sutra banned: Another week, another banned iPhone app. This time, Eucalyptus, an ebook reader developed by James Montgomerie of Edinburgh, was blocked by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) because, at least in theory, it could let people read the Kama Sutra. That’s the same reason Apple initially blocked a newspaper reader recently – because it could show Sun Online’s Page 3 girls. But Apple’s reasoning is lame – Eucalyptus doesn’t contain books like the sex guide, but offers them for download via the 28,000-strong Project Gutenberg library.

Scoot iPhone: Just like Friends Reunited, local online business directory is showing signs of life, despite being up for sale. It’s launched a free app on iPhone’s store that, using the handset’s GPS, will geolocate nearby services like petrol stations and restaurants – it’s just one of many on the store to do the same. ITV (LSE: ITV) said in March it wants to flog Scoot, Friends Reunited and SDN and close Despite the auction, Friends did a last-gasp deal to power’s dating site in March.

ITV site: The broadcaster has also appointed a new mobile website vendor, Kilrush, to power its site. ITV had been using Momac but made the change when it announced wide-ranging cutbacks in March, NMA says.