Bus.tops Wants To Turn Bus Shelters In To Digital Art Canvases

Providing the online infrastructure for Channel 4’s Big Art Project seems to have given Alfie Dennen a thing for public art. Now the MoblogUK founder wants to make art visible to top-deck riders on London buses.

Together with new media producer Paula Le Dieu, Dennen has submitted an application to Artists Taking The Lead – a London 2012/Arts Council fund – for Bus.tops, a project to kit out bus shelters with interactive art on LED panels. “Because bus stops are functionally modular, we would literally be taking the roofs off of certain bus stops and replacing them with our modular constructions,” he told me. “Sixty-four panels, two in each London borough.

“We would ‘curate’ certain more established artists across the connected canvas. There is also an online tool for people to literally draw pieces and animations, add text etc. We would also have an SMS/MMS gateway.” The pair will learn whether the submission has succeeded in July. The video tells it better than words