Founders’ Last Interview: ‘Frankly, We Need Time Out’

image “Frankly, we needed some time out,” co-founder Felix Miller (centre), speaking with Martin Stiksel (left), told me in one of their last interviews before leaving the leadership of the social music site. The pair are treating it casually. Miller added: “We don’t have any project to go to either – we just didn’t have a big holiday in the last seven years.”

The pair, who are leaving together with Richard Jones, may need a rest, but Miller still enthusiastically stressed the success he says has been both as an independent and under CBS: “We put in great shape – recent initiatives have put it on a really good footing. For a company like to still double in size every year after seven years… When we got purchased, we had less than a third of the current users. The mission was to make it big, blow it out.”

Was there a culture clash with CBS?: CBS (NYSE: CBS) president Leslie Moones once told me: