Mobile Content Bits: BBC N95 iPlayer, Travel Site; Orange Tube

N95 iPlayer: The BBC has “launched” its VOD service on Nokia’s popular handset. “Launched“? That’s funny, because the N96 version that was made available (and marketed heavily by Nokia) in October also worked on N95s with latest firmware.

BBC Travel: Auntie also upgraded its mobile Travel site to offer personalised local alerts and search down to post code and street level, including public transport alerts. Just the thing for a Tube strike… ?

Orange travel: … You betcha. Orange said weekly visitors to its travel site were up 450 percent during London’s Underground strike, NMA says. From what base, it’s not said – the site could’ve had leaped from four users to 25, for all we know. Still, Orange talks of a 112 percent weekly increase in people seeking Tube status updates and 86 percent seeking bus updates – proof that people in a jam will look for on-the-go info they need.