‘Bebo Will Stay Part Of AOL’, UK Exec Says

Who knows whether new AOL (NYSE: TWX) CEO Tim Armstrong’s evolving org chart has yet filtered down to even Bebo execs themselves – but, while AOL may change around it, the social network seems set to remain in tact, one such suggests…

Bebo’s not being spun off; Time Warner is spinning off AOL,” UK and Ireland sales head Simon Podd told a panel during C21’s Social Media Forum at Bafta on Monday. “Bebo is part of AOL – Bebo sits within People Networks but then we’ve got a new CEO. He’s looking at how he can manage the business – there might be a new name for People Networks, Bebo will still remain in the AOL family, whether it’s called People Networks or something else.”

Under Bebo and AOL People Networks president Joanna Shields, People Networks last year threaded together AIM, ICQ, Socialthing, Bebo and other social nets. Before Shields stepped down in May, AllThingsD quoted an insider as saying Bebo, along with other AOL acquisitions, will be