@ MEM: Mobile Biz Expects Content Sales To Keep Growing

More than 60 percent of mobile users still use their handset for only voice and text, according to a KPMG survey. KPMG director Mark Harding, who surveyed 4,190 consumers in 19 countries, called that an “opportunity” as he detailed the stats at the Mobile Entertainment Forum’s big Mobile Entertainment Market ’09 in London on Tuesday…

—Consumer satisfaction rates have increased: Music 66 percent, video 52 percent (up from just 14 percent), IM 44 percent, live TV 38 percent.
—Factors influencing next content purchase, in this order: Clear pricing, cost, ability to save content, download speed, try-before-buy.
—Would you accept advertising?: Yes 36 percent, No opinion 20 percent … In music: 49 percent, In games: 28 percent.

In a second survey, MEF’s quarterly Business Confidence Index (a survey of its 91 members) showed mobile companies expect entertainment revenue to grow 28 percent on average over the year ahead…

—That’s actually one percent higher than the prediction in the last survey, and companies expect the economy in the next quarter to stabilise.
—The bulk of the revenue optimism comes from content and technology providers, but content owners, too, expect average income up from $6.1 million to $17.1million.
—Western Europe revenue is expected to be down 10 percent, North America up eight percent.
—81 percent of respondents said they were as confident as last year about their business’ future.

So far, so confident (MEM would hardly have opened on a downer, would it?) – but MEF chair Andrew Bud actually kicked off the conference with a warning that mobile entertainment’s biggest cash cow is dead: “The ringtone is over,” he said.