SpinVox: No, Whatley Hasn’t Quit; He’s Just Rafting

Has SpinVox‘s social media strategist James Whatley quit the voice-to-text firm? Not exactly. Late Sunday night, TechCrunch Europe accidentally published a story headlined “[HOLD – DO NOT PUBLISH] Exclusive: James Whatley quits SpinVox“, but quickly retracted it and apologised

Whatley is only one staff member in a wider company but has a following in the social media crowd. So, to set the record straight, we asked the company, which told paidContent:UK: “James Whatley remains a staff member … Throughout his employment, SpinVox has actively encouraged him to broaden his experience in social media and this included encouraging his entry to the Lucozade challenge – which he won and which SpinVox is delighted about. On Wednesday of this week, he will depart on the third part of this challenge