BBC Testing Location-Aware Content With Google Gears

At this point in time, it’s only surprising that mobile carriers aren’t giving content publishers easier access to users’ location. At least Google’s Gears plugin is now making it happen on Android devices, Firefox and Internet Explorer – so BBC Learning’s innovation unit is taking its first steps with delivering location-based content.

Its launched a demo site, BBC Open Air, that uses Gears’ location coordinates to deliver a mash-up of localised weather forecasts and nature spots from the BBC Breathing Places directory. See the blog post description.

The BBC in March overhauled its mobile site, allowing users to personalise content types shown on their homepage., and last week added a My Club feature, letting football fans see news only from their own team.

Automatic location awareness is a logical extension and could have many uses for the BBC, which also has local travel, news and other info through its network of 60 English and Welsh local sites.