Pictures: Fire On Google’s Roof, UK HQ Evacuated, Barbecue Blamed

Google’s a hot company to work for – literally. A fire atop its UK HQ on Victoria’s Buckingham Palace Road in London forced its evacuation shortly after Thursday lunchtime. “Yes, there has been a fire at Google (NSDQ: GOOG) London,” a spokesperson told paidContent:UK. “All people are safe, fire brigade are on the scene and doing their stuff.” She added: “It’s just a small section of the terrace outside where a barbecue was taking place today … We don’t know exactly what has happened, but everyone is safe which is the main thing.” The road below was closed for a time…

1.52pm: By Nicholas Roard, Google software engineer: “Hmmm fire on the roof”.

2.12pm: By Nicholas Roard, Google software engineer: “Everybody is out and firemen are here … Last barbecue of the year I think”.

By Matt Large: “Fire at Google London office”.

2.13pm: By Berian Reed: smoke clouds the street below.

2.17pm: By Damon Morgan: “Google pot plant on fire”.

By David Sim: “The Great Fire of Google was an out-of-control barbecue. It took five fire engines, and our street is blocked off.”

By David Sim: “Now they’re pissing on it.”