Vodafone Readies ‘Vodafone 360’ Platform – But What Is It?

Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) may this week replace its Vodafone live! deck with a suite called Vodafone 360 “that integrates a host of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and includes a store of applications”, Guardian.co.uk says.

The story suggests it’s Vodafone’s answer to tackling “threat” of the Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Ovi, Blackberry App World and iPhone App Store stores. But this doesn’t quite chime with previous comments made by the world’s biggest carrier, and it remains unclear exactly what Vodafone 360 is

Sure, back in May, Voda cryptically announced it would create a new channel for mobile developers’ internet services, allowing authors to write an app only once for multiple handsets and charge through Vodafone’s billing system.

But Vodafone’s internet services director Pieter Knook told June’s Mobile Entertainment Market the carrier is eschewing the app store wars for