Musicians Divided Over Suspending Illegal Freeloaders

If the Featured Artists Coalition thought it represented all musicians’ views on intellectual property policy and digital distribution, it can think again.

Lily Allen has martialled a rival band, including Gary Barlow and Bat For Lashes against the FAC’s opposition to suspending illegal downloaders’ net connections.

— The FAC was formed last year by the likes of Billy Bragg, Radiohead and Blur’s Dave Rowntree to lobby for a fairer deal for artists as digital deals are struck. But, after the Department for Business Innovation & Skills intervened in Digital Britain to propose quicker action and perhaps suspending freeloaders’ service, the group issued a statement decrying “a mindset so far removed from that of the general public and music consumer that it seems an extraordinarily negative document”.

— As we reported last week, Allen took to her MySpace to oppose that view: “It probably is fine for them – they do sell-out arena tours and have the biggest Ferrari collections in the world. For new talent though, file sharing is a disaster as it