More Details: Times Online Charges Start In Spring, For Weekdays And Sunday Spin-Off; Site Relaunch

Earlier reporting of Times editor James Harding’s comments to Tuesday’s Society of Editors conference said that one of the paper’s anticipated, upcoming paidcontent models would be charging for “24-hour access” to a “digital edition of The Times“. But points of clarification must be made…

— Harding meant 24-hour access to the Times Online site, and not to a snapshot digital replica edition of the morning paper – something The Times already charges £2.50 for.

— Longer-term subscriptions will also be available, but that’s as was always expected (today’s news was really only about the day pass addition).

— Both access models will come along with a relaunch for Times Online this coming spring, a News International spokesperson confirmed to paidContent:UK.

— And the spokesperson again confirmed The Sunday Times will once again get a separate website – though that launch, and associated charges, will come after the springtime Times Online reboot.

We had heard that The Sunday Times was considering putting piecemeal parts of its content – ie. star columnists – behind the wall, but not necessarily the whole thing. But the 24-hour and subscription access models don’t necessarily preclude this strategy either.

Most interesting is how Times Newspapers can effectively operate a Times Online website network that will be devoid of any Sunday content.