Spotify’s S60 App Gives It A Greater Shot At Carrier Deals

Spotify already previewed its in-development Symbian S60 app in September. Now it’s ready, giving the music service a much wider mobile footprint (Symbian runs half the world’s smartphones).

Premium users can download the app themselves from, but the real potential for Spotify is in carrier relationships. Pretty much all of them carry Nokia (NYSE: NOK) phones, and consumers – at least, in Europe – are still pretty likely to pick one of those over rivals.

So Spotify is hoping to follow its deal with Swedish telco Telia and with 3 UK with more deals to package the service in with mobile bills. That’s more likely now that it’s on Nokia.

The app has the same features as the previous iPhone and Android counterparts. BlackBerry is also planned, we revealed last month. Spotify is only available in six European and Scandinavian countries for now, with a hoped-for U.S. launch now pushed back slightly to Q1 2010.