Media In Reverse: Haymarket Taking To Print

While cost-cutting magazines around it go online-only, Haymarket is taking its car fans community site on to an exciting new medium – paper.

It’s a one-off. Haymarket is printing PistonHeads: The Best Bits 2009, a £5.99 end-of-year annual with a 15,000 print run that will sell in WH Smith from today and Tesco from January.

Haymarket claims three million readers for “The site has a huge amount of content from 2009,” writes brand manager Paul Garlick. “Could we pull out the best bits and print them all onto dead tree product? … After four fun-filled weeks we now have a book that is almost 200 pages long.

“There will be some amusing content taken from the forums of PH, and those who have content within the book will have already received an email from me asking for their permission to use their comments (we are truly grateful). In addition to the forum content, we will have the best (and worst) cars from 2009, a collection of the very best Sheds and the best reader events of the year. There will also be brand new content including