Pics: Google Advertising Chrome Heavily In UK

Remember the one about how Google (NSDQ: GOOG) doesn’t really advertise itself? Yeah, well call it a myth.

YouTube has already been advertising its UK Shows section offline, including on London buses and with a Carnaby Street shop window….

And on Monday it started running a big UK campaign for its Chrome browser, including a wraparound ad on the Metro newspaper (spotted by Viv Slack in Manchester, Richie Kelly in Glasgow) and on some pretty large billboards (by Triston Wallace in London).

Looks like Google is pretty intent on popularising Chrome while ad rates are low. This at the same time it’s running an online viral designed to drive email referral take-up.

(The series above, courtesy of Andrew Grill).


Google using newspapers to advertise Chrome in Manchester. Ol... on Twitpic
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