2010 Forecasts: Forget The Future, Short-Term Is Hot

What will happen in our industries next year? This holiday season, we’re asking industry figures to peer in to their crystal ball; here’s the full series

Today: Mark Rock is CEO of BestBefore Media, the TV AV tools developer that’s currently trying to build a model for its AudioBoo startup. Last year, Mark predicted “the whole economy will go in to meltdown”.

Biggest opportunity?

“Buying shorts in newspapers that are trying to shut out users and Google (NSDQ: GOOG) by erecting paywalls.”


“Very optimistic. I think companies who really experiment with mobile next year are going to do well.”

“Biggest hurdle/risk next year?”

“Our biggest hurdle will be delivering on the cash we’re raising for AudioBoo. The biggest risk will be scaling the platform across more mobile devices without a clear idea of what this will deliver in terms of users.”

How will 2010 be different from 2009?

“I think enough businesses have finally realised the depth of the crisis we’re in and the fundamental shift it has brought about in commercialising digital. 2010 will see the beginning of new business models that work in the short term, rather than over some mythical five-year period.”

How will the wider economy manifest in the sector next year?

“I think the election will really kickstart digital as the parties do their best to learn from the Obama campaign. Whatever the result, that will leave a warm glow that will continue to the late summer. Expect lots of new Twitter friends!”

2009 industry highlight?

“The launch of AudioBoo in March, of course!”

2009 industry lowlight?

“The Windows 7 launch parties and the continued unneccessary existence of Internet Explorer 6.”