Haymarket Buying Friday Pint Jobs Board To Boost MediaWeek Listings

Haymarket Business Media – itself going through corporate contractions – is buying media sales job network The Friday Pint in a bid to beef up online recruitment income for Media Week, which stopped printing in November.

Haymarket has already taken The Friday Pint offline, merging its job listings in to its own MediaWeekJobs.co.uk site (208 jobs at present).

The Friday Pint was launched by Lee Branch in November 2008, targeting media houses as a jobs board for ad sales and commercial roles. It also operated mediasalesjobs.co.uk and mediasalesjobsUK.com, which have also been deleted.

No sale price is disclosed, but Branch appears to have negotiated an odd commercial crossover – MediaWeek will now sponsor The Media Sales Cup, The Friday Pint’s annual summer 5-a-side football tournament.

Like many a title, MediaWeek may have had a good hold on its own market’s job ads in its heyday. But not only has there been a migration online and a growth in competition; MediaWeek likely needed to bolster the online recruitment offering for its brand, which remains publishing online, albeit with fewer staff.