Server Training Site Sells To TechTarget

Another indie publisher sells to bigger media… Mike Laverick is selling, a blog he writes about virtual server training, to Massachusetts-based B2B technology publisher TechTarget for an as-yet-undisclosed fee.

At, Laverick publishes articles, guides, manuals and videos, and offers training events for professionals working with computer server virtualisation. It’s pretty boring stuff, but Laverick also blogs about his music.

Virtualisation software allows one computer system to run inside another. TechTarget (NSDQ: TTGT) says the site is “one of the most active communities of professionals looking for detailed technical information on server and desktop virtualisation”. This is its first European acquisition, adding to its in-house UK sites including,, and

But the acquisition seems as much about getting Laverick aboard as buying his site. As well as continuing with, he will also be writing for TechTarget’s existing, and sites. Release.