Mixed Picture For DMGT Online Sales, 2010 Looking Up

The recession’s impact on even online classifieds knocked 13 percent off Associated Northcliffe Digital’s October-to-December revenue, compared with the previous year.

“The revenues of AN Digital from its core operations in jobs, property and motors fell by 13 percent, due mainly to the depressed recruitment market,” according to parent DMGT’s interim management statement for the period. But: “At AN Digital too there are clear signs that things are improving, particularly in jobs and property.” (The statement means “AND” rather than “AN Digital”).

Conversely, digital sales at DMGT’s regional news publisher Northcliffe Media rose 11 percent, “supported by good performances from property, motors and retail”, leaving us a bit confused as to whether classifieds are in the doldrums or not

Overall, DMGT income from its consumer news operations fell 12 percent to £297 million, the company recorded four percent fewer staff (334) than the year before and “a continuing focus on costs” – Associated shaved seven percent off its outgoings and Northcliffe 18 percent.

Associated reports a “marked improvement” in January print and online ad sales from the year before.