The First Ever iPad Newspaper App Comes To Life In Print

Is Danish newspaper Information taking the honour of being first to unveil an app for Apple’s forthcoming saviour-of-media tablet?

Your eyes deceive you, sadly. What looks like an iPad application was actually the front page of yesterday’s printed edition, whose cover story, was devoted to examining which digital paths might lead news economics out of its gloomy uncertainty.

While the piece itself ran the numbers of Danish media decline and an accompanying piece heard Liberal party calls for for state handouts to be widened from print publishers alone, the mock-up allows us to imagine how first-wave publishers might approach the iPad…’s fake app holds to a principle I forecast recently – that iPad apps will look a lot like their print forebears – but pares down front-page stories and ads to one apiece. That’s unlike the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) app, which will load its front page with stories; another move that’s not unlike its printed counterpart.

Via Innovations In Newspapers and TUAW