Paperboy Mobile App Bridges Print-Online Newspaper Gap

For those of you who, when reading ye olde printed newspaper, have felt the urge to click an in-page link or email an article to a friend – a new service out of Switzerland is trying to bridge the gap.

iPhone app Paperboy recognises pictures users snap of article pages, corresponds them to their online equivalents and then lets readers share or read online.

The Swiss edition of European commuter newspaper 20 Minutes says it is now using Paperboy to let readers send articles to Facebook and Twitter friends and to store articles in a digital locker. German-language titles including Focus and EuroSoccer are also ensuring their publications are recognisable by the system.

Paperboy is a reversioning of the eponymous app made by image-recognition developer Kooaba, which lets users snap, store and send listings for various shopping products and also lets advertisers extend print campaigns online.

Via NewspaperInnovation.