Broadband Content Bits: Thrillist, ITV-Hulu, HubDub Closing, Spotify

Thrillist: The email newsletter for men aged 24-35 is opening a London edition, written by Jason Allen.

ITV-Hulu: The pair are still “on the verge of a deal”, C21 reports – but only to offer ITV (LSE: ITV) Studios Home Entertainment’s shows for airing on the U.S. site, not UK.

HubDub closing: Nigel Eccles is closing his Edinburgh-based news prediction site to focus on recently-launched U.S. fantasy sports site

Spotify material: Another try at premium leverage – the music site is offering subscribers Metric’s album for a £0.99 download, plus a 25 percent tour discount, bonus album material plus acoustic versions and remixes.

Spotify artists: But Spotify is also defending itself against those earlier claims Lady GaGa only earned $167 from the service in Sweden. The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors says amounts are “tiny“, but SVP Paul Brown disputes the figure.