UK & Ireland Newspapers With Paywalls

In 2009 and 2010 – as the economy turned down and some publishers failed to capitalise on big audiences with online ads – the idea of charging for content came around again. So who’s already charging for content, which content do they keep behind the wall, and how are they faring? Here’s our assessment. This is a work-in-progress – if we’re missing someone, please get in touch.

* Notes on estimates:-
— Financial Times income estimate based on 126,000 people buying cheapest annual subscription package – £3.29/wk (£171.08/yr). income forecast based on five percent of March 2010 daily readers paying @ £2-a-week for a year.
— Tindle income estimate based on 100 for each of 41 titles, each paying £27.80 annual rate.

May 4, 2010